1st D Music



Greatest Story Ever Told (GSET) -

August 21, 2012

 Track List

  • 1.Fuck You
  • 2.So Surreal
  • 3.Everything that Glitters (feat. Maint Man)
  • 4.The Stuggle
  • 5.Broke Days (feat. @Smoove Psi)
  • 6.1st D Speaks [The Beginning]
  • 7.Dancing in the Mirror
  • 8.All Night
  • 9.Perfect Love Story [INTERLUDE]
  • 10.Before I Lie (feat. Maint Man)
  • 11.1st D Speaks [The Group]
  • 12.Right Side of the Bed [FREESTYLE]
  • 13.The Cloud (Floating)
  • 14.Dance the Night Away
  • 15.Keep My Head Up
  • 16.1st D Speaks [The Star]
  • 17.1st D - The Truth
  • 18.Remember Me





the EvoLutioN - Jan. 20, 2009

Track List

  1. Intro
  2. Evolution
  3. Doin My Thang (feat. 3rd D)
  4. Hot Music? (skit)
  5. Bonkers (feat. J.C. and DJ Smoove)
  6. Like Wow
  7. Up In Tha Club (feat. Spyda Man)
  8. That Guy
  9. Naughty Girl
  10. Year 3000


"the EvoLutioN" is my 2nd album.  It is to be distributed to online stores such as iTunes, AmazonMp3, eMusic, etc.  The official release date was January 20, 2009.  I chose this particular date because it was same day that President Obama entered the white house.  I feel that it shows “evolution” on a large scale.  I came up with the name because it shows the growth (evolution) that I've made since my previous works.  "the EvoLutioN" boasts a whole new type of sound and style that, in my opinion, will be refreshing in this oversaturated industry.  I like to pride myself on my independence, because I do everything on my own.  I make my own beats, I design my own graphics (including my album artwork), and I produce all of my songs.


Song Inspiration-

Each one of the songs on my album was made because I received some form of inspiration.  Below are the ones that are most important to me.


  1. “That Guy”: This song was inspired by a short but profound conversation I had with a very nice young lady that was tired of being hurt by worthless guys.  This song's purpose is to let her and all other women know that they should never settle for less when it comes to relationships.
  2. “Hot Music (skit)”/”Bonkers (feat. J.C. and DJ Smoove)”: After hearing so many pointless "dirty south" style dance songs, I just felt like I was going crazy...or Bonkers.  I was inspired to make a song that points out how meaningless all this snapping and popping and cranking is.
  3. “Year 3000”: One day I was sitting as home watching "UFOs Then and Now" on the History Channel, and was thinking how cool it would be to travel at the speed of light and to alternate dimensions.  BINGO...I was instantly struck with the idea of making a song with a futuristic, retro, next generation type of sound.
  4. “Doin My Thang”: Inspiration for this particular song came from my arrogant side.  I was reading Myspace messages and comments from fans saying how much they loved me, I was reviewing my ringtone sales, and I was listening to my older songs at maximum volume.  In the midst of doing all of this, I began to realize that I was doing very well for myself, considering I had absolutely no help from anyone else.




Unlike my previous album, “the EvoLutioN” was created with the input and influence of a lot of people.  I don’t think that good deeds should go unmentioned, so I want to take a minute just to recognize everyone has contributed.


  1. I want to thank my Brother/manager Pedro, for placing me in the right environment and pushing me to be different.
  2. I want to thank my friend Jurry for letting me use his computer to work on more songs, after my computer crashed.
  3. I want to thank my homeboy Ahmad for setting a standard and pushing me to get better.
  4. I want to thank my homeboy Jairus for all of the promotion he did and for being on “Bonkers.”
  5. I want to thank DJ for stepping in at the last minute and doing a verse on “Bonkers.”
  6. I want to thank my homeboy Spivey for always being honest and telling me a song just wasn’t up to par, and for being on “Up In Tha Club.”
  7. I want to thank my Myspace and Imeem fans that encouraged me to continue my work on “the EvoLutioN.”
  8. I want to thank everyone that has ever said I couldn’t make good music.
  9. I want to thank any and everyone that purchased any of my works, because that helped me fund this project.
  10. I want to thank God for allowing me to live out my dream with absolutely no strings attached.