1st D Music


Biography of 1st D

The Beginning

DeAlbert Shamar Davis (1st D) was born on September 11, 1988 in a very small town right in the middle of Georgia; Monroe to be exact.  He had been into music for quite a while now; playing instruments, making beats, putting mediocre songs together, and writing.  It wasn't until his friends started telling him that he had talent that he decided to pursue a career in the music industry.  It all started when Shamar was in the ninth grade and he made a song at home meaning for it to be a joke.  The name of the song was “Look Inside My Head.”  He took the song to school on a CD and his friends were amazed at the simple fact that someone they knew was actually rapping on a CD; despite the low quality of the audio.  He felt really good that they all liked so that motivated him to start making tons of beats and more songs.  At first, Shamar’s “makeshift” studio only consisted of an old Hand-me-down computer with a PC microphone and Windows Sound Recorder.  Since that time, his has upgraded both his equipment and skills.


The Group

Upon entering the 12th grade in high school, Shamar became very good friends with Darian Jones, who equally loved music.  If fact their love for music would drive them to start their very own rap group.  Shamar knowing his cousin Dejauntavious also liked to rap, invited him to be apart of the group.  Just like that a group was formed.  They called themselves 3D Clique because all of their first names began with the letter “D.”  Together they made only one album which was self titled.  Even though they had a good time together, 1st D and the other members felt that they’re music wasn’t up to par.  As a result, they decided to go solo for a while.


The Star

Today 1st D is all over the web.  His official website launch in mid 2010 and has been gaining popularity ever since.  His first major album, “E.P.I.C.” dropped March 23, 2010 and has proved that 1st D has a very bright future ahead of him in this industry.
1st D has a quality about him that allows him to shine through a crowd.  Because of this he has become a very successful solo artist.  In addition to attending Albany State University in Albany, GA pursuing a Bacholor's degree in Mass Communication, he is travels during the weekends to do live show throughout GA.